This is the OLD BizOnDeck application form. Pleseu use the current form at
In the meantime, thanks for your interest in going ONDECK with the LIFT collaborative business development workshops.
We've had over 60 businesses and projects go ONDECK since we launched in 2015, and we look forward to helping you grow your venture!.

Businesses that go ONDECK get invaluable feedback from entrepreneurs who want to help you grow your business or project. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions at

Your name and telephone number *

The name of your business, project, or business idea *

Draft names are acceptable
Your elevator pitch: 2-3 minutes describing your business or project, what problem or demand it addresses, what makes it unique, who you are and why you're the person to carry this through.

Your ASK: What do you need from Team LIFT - the entrepreneurs who will be at the table to help you grow or pivot your business? *

It could be help with focusing a broad business interest. It could be help with making a pivot or re-branding. It could help with acquiring new customers. It could be money. Or? You tell us what you need to grow. 50-100 words please
What are you prepared to "give back" to the table as a thank you for their help?

"Giving back" is part of the collaborative, community focus in our approach. Be creative - and think of this as a unique marketing opportunity: how can you leave a lasting, positive impression on a group of people who are investing time and bought a ticket to help you grow your business. It can be as simple as a discount for people using your services. Or coupons. Or product samples. Or?? 50-100 words please.
Please give us all the online tools you're currently using to market your business or project.

Your preferred month to go on deck? *

Your preferred day of week to go on deck? *

Your preferred venue to go on deck? *

While we cannot guarantee that you will get the venue of your choice, depending on availability, we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Venues have associated costs that you, as one of the businesses on deck, are asked to cover. For example,  BizOnDeck fees for The White Whale and Prime Chophouse are now both $150. These fees include your ticket to the event.

NOTE 1: as a LIFT VIP, you get a $50 discount BizOnDeck fees.

NOTE 2: BizOnDeck fees will also be applied to the BizOnDeck PR/ media package, should you decide to use these services.

If you’ve got a #tag for your business or project, tell us. We'll use it to give you a shoutout

For example: , #toolsrock #toolsforgirlsandboys, etc  NOTE: If you're not using Twitter and Instagram, and you seriously want to grow your business beyond the reach of the Comox Valley, please talk to Leif, Kelsey, or HPM. We want to help you grow your business BIGger! And Twitter and Instagram are important tools for this.
How did you first hear about LIFT Comox Valley (formerly known as The #WeAreYQQ Project)? *

Have you participated in a LIFT Comox Valley / #WeAreYQQ bizdev workshop before?

We STRONGLY encourage you to take part in these workshops before going on deck. This gives you a feel for what we're about. And, it helps you become part of the entrepreneur community we're growing. Your business will benefit from active participation. For upcoming workshops see
What is one thing that you can do to help grow an entrepreneurial startup culture in the Comox Valley through the #WeAreYQQ Project?

LIFT Comox Valley is in the business of creating a community of business people who want to help entrepreneurs and creatives to grow our Comox Valley economy from the bottom up. We need your help to do make this shift happen. For example, Mastermynde Strategy and are providing online and social marketing support, Sure Copy Courtenay is providing print support, Finneron Hyundai is providing transportation support, the Comox Valley Record is providing editorial and advertising support. Many others are signed up as #WeAreYQQ Champions at

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